Book Review: Health and Happiness without Bullshit



Book review, Happiness, Health


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Author Biography

Ashish Goel

ash.jpg Ashish Goel is a student of Medicine and also teaches the subject at the University College of Medical Sciences in Delhi. He has a unique advantage of having completed his formative years of training at a rural medical college and thereafter consolidating his experience at some of the best medical centers of the country. He has been involved with international organizations and associations including those working in Emergency and Geriatric Medicine. He is the country chair for the International Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse. He has been associated with several medical and humanities journals including a unique experiment called ‘Cell 2 Soul’ which connected doctors and patients on the same platform. To his credit, he has also compiled a book entitled ‘Doctors do Cry’ which is a collection of narrations of life changing experiences by doctors and patients.




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