About the Journal

About the Journal

RHiME is an open access, peer-reviewed, online-only journal that explores non-medical ways of honing the competencies of health professionals. It is relevant to healthcare learners and professionals who are already integrating – or wish to integrate - content and pedagogy derived from the arts and the humanities into their teaching and learning activities.

Vision and Mission

Health professions education is predominantly science-centric; the very essential human(e) touch tends to get marginalized. Society needs practitioners who will respond sensitively to both the physical and the emotional needs of their patients; practitioners too must engage with patients with all of themselves - their minds, their hearts and their emotions - engage as persons who are able not only to heal, but also to feel and think, explain and understand, and cope. To this end, RHiME strives to explore ways to mainstream humanitarian concepts and interlink them with the sciences in health professions education. The narratives, the poems, and the visual art content of the journal will attempt to remind of the significance of the humanities in medical education.

The aim is to encourage contributions from and discussion between teachers and students, doctors and patients, the sick and their care-providers, and between health policy makers and policy users.


The Editorial Board invites authors to submit original work pertaining to the following types of articles:

  • Personal Narrative [either in English or an Indian Vernacular language (with translation into English where possible)]
  • Poetry [either in English or an Indian Vernacular language (with translation into English where possible)]
  • History of Medicine
  • Chhayankan (Visual Art & Graphic Medicine)
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Announcements and News

See details here: Types of Manuscripts and Limits


About the Logo

The logo was conceived by Upreet Dhaliwal and designed by Rohan Shad. The practice of medicine is impacted by cultural influences; the logo, with the acronym RHiME spelled out in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English reflects our region's diversity and acknowledges its influence on health practices.