Nursing humanities, nurturing compassion: sustaining the global nursing and midwifery agenda


  • Satendra Singh, MD


Medical humanities, Nursing education, Competency, Compassionate care


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Author Biography

Satendra Singh, MD

C360_2016-07-08-13-04-13-138.jpg Dr. Satendra Singh is Assistant Professor of Physiology at University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS), Delhi. He is founding member of the Medical Humanities Group and created the disability (Infinite Ability) & Graphic Medicine subgroups within it. He is the Coordinator of the Enabling Unit (for persons with disability). He organized the first ever Theatre of the Oppressed workshop for medical students. He is a disability rights activist and was awarded the ‘Universal Design Award 2013’ for his disability initiatives. Dr Singh is adjunct faculty at Medical Education Unit, UCMS; and FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education Research) faculty at CMC Ludhiana.


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